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All my books have a couple of things in common: sexy heroes, smart heroines, loads of action and sexy romance.

What readers are saying

At Star’s End is a fun, thrill ride of a science fiction romance…Did I mention how much I enjoyed the action? Booby trapped rooms protecting treasures, starship chases, shoot-outs, and giant monsters.

Mstcat - Goodreads review

In the Devil’s Nebula is a wonderfully written space adventure full of treasure hunts, history, excellent world building, fun characters, assassin fighters and intriguing mystery. Oh, and there’s also a great romance! These are all the things I love to read in Science Fiction Romance.

Corrinthia - Amazon Reviewer

Action, danger, aliens, romance – yup, it’s another great book from Anna Hackett! The Hell Squad series kicks off in fine style moving fast and taking no prisoners.

Book Gannet Review - Review of Hell Squad: Marcus