Top 10 Best Action Romance Books

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Some people love to snuggle up with a long, slow read. Others with the latest tearjerker memoir. The rest of us love our books bursting with action, adventure and romance!

When I sit down to read, I want fast, furious, action-packed…and for the boy to win the girl in the end. Slow? No thanks. Tears? Well, only if they come with some action.

Last month I shared my Top 10 Best Action Romance Movies and today I’m sharing my Top 10 Best Action Romance Reads. Some are romantic suspense, some paranormal, others steampunk or futuristic but they all mix action with the romance:

  1. Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling Series – My two favorite installments in this series are Slave to Sensation and Caressed by Ice.
  2. Meljean Brook’s Iron Seas – Not sure I can pick a favorite book, but definitely start with The Iron Duke.
  3. Sydney Croft’s ACRO Series – These books are hot, hot, hot and don’t skimp on the action.
  4. Pamela Clare’s I-Team Series – Romantic suspense set in my old stomping ground of Denver.
  5. J.D. Robb’s In Death Series – Set in futuristic New York, Eve and Roarke are two of my all-time favorite characters.
  6. Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark – Wisecracking paranormal action romance.
  7. Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter Series – Kickass vampire hunters, sexy vampires and uber sexy angels.
  8. Larissa Ione’s Demonica Series (and the linked Lords of Deliverance books) – More wisecracking, action-packed paranormal romance.
  9. Linda Howard’s Mackenzies – Oldies but goodies. These contemporary stories of action and romance are keepers for me.
  10. Merline Lovelace’s Code Name: Danger Series – More oldies but goodies. These category stories are great action romance reads. I especially love the very first four books in the series.

I also have a bonus action romance read…it isn’t classed a romance but it’s a thriller with some great romance mixed in: Wilbur Smith’s A Time to Die.

That’s just a list of my favs but if you still want more action romance reads, then check out:

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Now, get reading! And if anyone has any more I should add to the list, let me know.



  1. Absolutely LOVE Meljean Brooks’ Iron Seas, especially The Iron Duke. Faye Adele’s narration of it is beyond excellent. Lindsay Buroker’s The Emperor’s Edge series and Dragon Blood series are also good action romance with a bit of steampunk flair. Thanks for the recommendations!

    • Anna Hackett says:

      Hi Cynde — sounds like you’re a steampunk fan! We must be due for a new Iron Seas book, I think? It’s been a while. Yes, Lindsay’s books rock too. Have you checked out her sci-fi romance (under her pen name) as well?

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