Cover Reveal – Hell Squad: Survivors

In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on…

We’ve watched Hell Squad, Squad Nine, and the berserkers fighting back against the aliens. Now, as the final endgame of the Gizzida rushes to its conclusion, we’re taking a look at some other survivors outside the Enclave and in different parts of the world.

Today, I have the cover of the next Hell Squad book, Survivors, to show you. I LOVED being back in the Hell Squad world and writing these stories. This book contains a collection of three action-packed novellas (and you’ll get some glimpses of characters you know and love).

I also have a super fun giveaway to celebrate (dino earrings!!) Scroll down to enter.

Hell Squad: Survivors
Hell Squad #19
Release Date: Tuesday February 11th

Cover art by Melody Simmons

Survivors contain three novellas:

Nate — starring off-grid, loner Marine, Nate Caldwell. He lives alone in a cabin in the Blue Mountains avoiding the aliens and any survivors…until a young woman on the run from the raptors explodes into his life.

Dak — starring Captain Dak Vaughn, the head of security for Groom Lake Base in North America. He only has room for his job — keeping all the survivors alive — and no room for the tough, attractive new recruit who gets under his skin.

Alexander — starring engineer turned base leader, Alexander Erickson, brother of Hawk pilot Finn. He leads a tiny base of survivors in the snowy climes of Norway and has to join forces with an independent, older woman whose attention he’s been trying to capture.

Excerpt from Hell Squad: Dom featuring Nate Caldwell

Nate Caldwell made his way silently through the trees, his axe resting on his shoulder. As he neared the clearing ahead, he heard a sound overhead and froze.

A quadcopter shot by, an alien ship following closely behind. Laser fire arrowed through the air, and then he lost sight of them.

Quietly, he stayed in the shadow of the trees, waiting to see if he could glimpse or hear anything else. He’d heard the commotion to the north earlier. The humans had fought another skirmish with the aliens.

He hoped the soldiers had given the scaly bastards hell.

He stared into the sky where he’d seen the aircraft. A part of him, the warrior, wanted to grab his weapons and join the fight.

Fight. Kill. Protect.

Gritting his teeth, Nate tamped the battle urge back down. Thinking of soldiers made him think of his old team. For a second, the Blue Mountains disappeared, and instead there was hot desert sun, the sound of laser fire, the shouts of his fellow Marines.

Then there was pain and the rich scent of blood.

His fingers dug into the handle of his axe. He dragged in a deep breath. Then another. And another.

For the next few minutes, Nate worked through his breathing routine until his pulse rate slowed.

The breathing techniques were the only thing he’d taken from the short time he’d spent with a therapist after he’d left the Coalition Marines. That had been long ago. After a different, long-gone war.

That battle was long gone, like his fellow Marines.

Nate let out a sharp whistle and his dog bounded out of the trees. The blue heeler was lean and fit. He rubbed the dog’s head. “Come on, Blue. No more fighting for us.”

After several deployments in the Middle East, Nate had come back from war to his family home in Colorado. He’d had trouble adjusting and settling back into regular life. PTSD, they’d told him. There had been medication, group therapy, prolonged exposure therapy.

He shifted the axe, and crouched down to pick up the pile of wood he’d chopped earlier. He tucked the wood under his arm.

Nothing had helped him back then. He’d had horrific nightmares, angry outbursts at his worried family, then he’d started drinking. After that, he’d started fighting.

He blew out a breath

Nate had been drowning, and when he’d broken a man’s jaw and another man’s arm in a bar fight, he knew he was spiraling down and nothing could stop it.

Then he’d learned that he’d inherited a cabin in the Australian Blue Mountains, from a great-aunt. Old aunt Janine had been a battle-axe. The few times he’d seen her as a kid, she’d scowled at him and told him not to bring his dirty shoes inside her house.

He had no idea why she’d left the cabin to him, but she’d saved his life.

Through the trees, his cabin came into view. It was small, made from wood, with a tiny deck at the back. It hadn’t changed much from when Janine had lived here. He’d repaired parts of it, including most of the roof. He enjoyed working with his hands.

Pausing, Nate breathed deep, pulling in the crisp mountain air.

He’d come here just a few months before the alien invasion and gone off-grid. He’d disappeared from the regular world, keeping in touch with his family via email. He’d left all the responsibility and expectations of life behind. The cabin had a generator, water from a stream, well-used garden beds. It was completely self-contained.

Then the aliens had come and destroyed the world.

After the invasion, he’d followed the news on the radio until the stations had gone silent.

He’d tried to contact his family, but there’d been nothing.

Shit. He blindly scanned the trees and hoped his parents and brother and sister had survived. He wished he’d talked to them more. Wished he hadn’t caused them so much worry and heartache.

Nate had seen plenty of the aliens in the mountains. Luckily, the bastards didn’t like the trees. He’d done recon, gathering intel on them, but steering clear of their big ugly, scaled asses.

He dumped the wood by his back door.

He also knew about Blue Mountain Base, and the survivors who’d gathered there. He’d watched them, too. Knew about the squads.

He’d seen them fighting back. He’d watched the Hawks in the sky, seen the armor-clad soldiers. A part of him had yearned to help.

With a huge swing, he thrust the axe into the wood pile. Then he reached up and yanked his damp T-shirt over his head. He rubbed his sweaty face with it.

Nate barely had any body fat. Living off the land and what he hunted, as well as being active every day, kept him in better shape than his Marine days.

Sometimes he missed a beer with friends. Conversation. Sometimes he missed women—their soft bodies, sweet smells, and sliding his hard cock into warmth instead of his callused hand.

Shaking his head, he stomped up the steps and into his cabin.

Blue Mountain Base had been destroyed by the aliens months ago. The survivors had left in a convoy, and he assumed they’d found another shelter. He still saw Hawks in the sky on occasion, so he knew they hadn’t died.

The battle-hardened Marine in him rose up again. You could be helping, using your skills to fight.

No. He stomped over to the old-fashioned kitchen, pulled out one of Aunt Janine’s heavy, etched glasses, and filled it with water. He drank it in two large gulps.

 He’d done all the fighting he could. He was thirty-seven years old and still had nightmares. Even if he’d wanted to, he couldn’t face fighting the aliens on top of that.

Wrenching open a cupboard, he grabbed Blue’s bowl. He had to feed his damn dog. The blue heeler was sitting beside him, waiting patiently. He watched Nate with soulful, gold eyes.

“Just you and me, Blue.”

Blue’s tail thumped the faded, lino floor.

With a grunt, Nate dumped some meat from a rabbit he’d caught that morning onto the bowl and set it on the floor. Blue dove in.

Being alone kept Nate sane. He straightened, looking out of the window at the trees beyond. And alone was how he was going to stay.

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Hell Squad books at all Retailers

The first TWELVE Hell Squad books are now available at all retailers. Hell Squad: Devlin is now available and Hell Squad: Theron is currently going love at Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Kobo etc. NOTE: the Hell Squad books will slowly move out to other retailers about one per month.

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Hell Squad Audiobooks

Don't miss out on Hell Squad narrated by Jeffrey Kafer and Samantha Cook!

Hell Squad Audio

Happy listening!

Happy New Year and Hello to 2020

I’m still not sure where 2019 went, but I *love* the feeling of standing right at the beginning of a new year. All those bright, shiny possibilities.

A huge thank you to all my wonderful readers. As with any year, there are ups and downs, challenges and wins. In 2019, I was so grateful to my long-term readers who’ve been enjoying my action romance for the last few years, and my new readers who discovered my books in so many different ways.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.Melody Beattie

During 2019, I released 12 short novels and two novellas (one in my novella duo Hunter and one in the Pets in Space 4 anthology). These books were across five different series, and I launched a new spin-off series (Galactic Gladiators – House of Rone).

I also had 24 books come out as audiobooks this year (wow!!) That all adds up to over 540,000 words written and over 120 hours of audio 😀

There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting. – Hope Hicks

I never get tired of writing a new book, of getting a new shiny cover, of sending a new book out to my readers. I love bringing the characters in my head to life, and I never tire of getting emails and messages from readers who’ve enjoyed my books. I love to hear that my stories have brightened someone’s bad day, made someone smile, left someone inspired.

Hello 2020

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals. – Melody Beattie

I’m ready for 2020! We recently moved into a new house and I have a new office. I am very excited to break it in and write lots of new stories.

This year, expect to see more books in:

  • Hell Squad (the final two books!)
  • House of Rone
  • Eon Warriors
  • Team 52 (the final two books)
  • Norcross — a new series I’m planning to launch later in the year (pending any other bright, shiny ideas barging in!)
  • More audio – expect to continue to see my books appearing in audiobook format as well

If you’re wondering when these books will be arriving, I try to keep the next few release dates updated on my Coming Soon page.

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been. – Rainer Maria Rilke

I hope the new year brings you wonderful things! There will always be ups and downs, but like my characters, it is how we react to those that counts. Celebrate the wins and when the tough times hit, we have to pick ourselves up and keep forging on.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C.S. Lewis

I’m seeing 2020 in with a brand new release! The latest Eon Warriors adventure is here.

Mark of Eon

Eon Warriors #5

Out Now!

Oil and water. Fire and ice. Terran space marine and rugged alien warrior.

Space marine Lieutenant Jamie Park has a reputation as tough as steel…just the way she likes it. A horrible childhood and her marine training have forged her into a strong woman, and she’s never seen a fight she’d back down from. Taking on the voracious insectoid Kantos is her focus, even if that means being assigned to the Eon warship, the Desteron, and working with the one arrogant alien warrior who’s seen her vulnerable and weak.

Medical Commander Aydin Kann-Ath lives to be the perfect warrior and doctor. All his life, he’s worked to restore his family’s tarnished honor. He has no room in his life for anything but his work, and that includes a headstrong, battle-hardened Terran who — even when injured — refuses to follow orders. Yet every minute he spends with Jamie, she ignites both his temper and his desire, and he can’t seem to stay away.

With every interaction, Aydin finds himself fascinated by Jamie’s courage and spirit, and Jamie finds herself consumed by a fiery attraction that terrifies her. On a dangerous hunt to find symbiont lifeforms that have been stolen by the Kantos, the pair can’t ignore their passionate connection. But the evil Kantos threaten not only their lives, but the fate of the galaxy, unless Jamie and Aydin sacrifice it all to stop them.

Amazon US   Amazon Other

Happy New Year!!

Cover Reveal: Mark of Eon and Anna’s BIG Christmas Giveaway

The fierce warriors of the Eon Empire want nothing to do with Earth…but when ravenous insectoid aliens threaten to invade, the humans of Earth need to get the Eon warriors’ attention.

It all started with one kickass woman abducting a powerful Eon war commander. Now, the Eon Empire and Earth have a tenuous and budding alliance, but when fierce Space Corps marine, Lieutenant Jamie Park, is stationed aboard the Eon warship, the Desteron, she finds herself butting heads with the ship’s arrogant, hard-headed medical commander Aydin Kann-Ath.

Watch the sparks fly!

I am thrilled to be showing you the cover for the next Eon Warriors book, Mark of Eon and to celebrate both Mark of Eon and the holiday season, I have my BIG Christmas Giveaway! So don’t miss out.

Mark of Eon
Eon Warriors #5
Release Date: Tuesday December 31st

Cover art by Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Kiss of Eon featuring Jamie and Aydin

“Stevens!” Jamie Park yelled into her comm. “Taro!”

“I see them, Lieutenant,” her space marine answered.

“As do I,” the warrior responded.

Terran and Eon soldiers shot forward, engaging the bugs.

Jamie swung her sword, slicing into one of the aliens. Damn, she loved a good fight. With controlled slashes, she sliced up the bug.

Another arrowed toward her and she raised her weapon. Using her suit’s propulsion system, she flew forward, skewering the Kantos alien.

When she wrenched her sword back, she saw that her team had fully engaged the enemy.

Sorry, bug brains, no snacks for you today. She swiveled and flew closer to the injured couple. She slid her sword back over her shoulder.

“Hey, Captain.”

Allie looked up. The woman looked like she’d had a rough day.

“Damn glad to see you, Jamie. Brack’s hurt.”

Jamie could see from the warrior’s sluggish movements that he wasn’t doing well. “We’ll get you both back to the Desteron, and you can get poked, prodded, and healed.”

Taking a second, Jamie studied Allie—who was wearing Eon black-scale armor just like the second commander. Interesting.

Under their helmets, the pair looked like they’d been through hell.

Then Allie jerked. “Jamie, look out!”

Spinning, Jamie moved fluidly into a combat stance. She and her marines practiced space combat daily.

One of the bugs was coming straight at them. This one was bigger than the others, moving more aggressively. The alpha bug. Throwing her arms out, she let her combat knives slide down her forearms and into her hands.

Then she attacked.

Jamie used the propulsion from her suit to spin around the bug. It tried to match her movements, but her knives were already flashing. She sliced one of the bug’s legs off with two well-aimed slashes.

Oh, yeah. Jamie spent hours honing the edges on her blades.

Injured, the alien drew back, remaining legs flailing. She spotted another bug coming up from the side to attack Allie and Brack.

Fuck. Jamie shot forward. “Allie, move!”

The captain jerked, trying to spin the second commander around. But they were too slow.

And Jamie wasn’t going to be quick enough.

She threw one knife, but it missed by an inch, sailing past the bug’s head.

The bug’s focus was on Allie.

Jamie hit the control for max propulsion, pressing her arms to her sides. She exploded forward, ramming a shoulder into Allie to knock her out of the way.

The bug’s sharp pincers rammed into Jamie’s gut.

Oh, damn. That hurt like a motherfucker.

“Jamie!” Allie’s cry.

Jamie swung her knife around, cutting into the bug’s head. Its pincers were moving, tearing up her belly. She yanked her knife back, and then stabbed the alien in the eye. She twisted the blade.

The bug released her, floating away. Its ugly mouth opened, and there was no sound, but she could easily imagine the screech it would have made.

But then her knife slipped from nerveless fingers.

She felt blood oozing out of her. As her body floated backward in space, she saw the Desteron and the Divergent in the distance, flying close, working together.

She drifted, her mind floating. There was no pain now.

Alone. She’d been alone most of her life. Even when she’d lived with the assholes who’d contributed to her DNA, she’d been alone. Then through all the foster homes.

She’d made a family for herself at Space Corps. Her squad of marines both loved and cursed her, which she took as a sign that she was doing a decent job as their leader.

But Jamie wondered if any of them would mourn her death for long. She’d be replaced, their work would go on, and she’d fade from their memories.

She felt wetness on her cheek and realized that it was a tear.

She hadn’t cried since she was a terrified child, hiding from her drunken, abusive parents.


Sound crashed back in on her…and so did the pain. She groaned.

Hands gripped her arms. Then Allie’s helmeted face was in front of her.

“Stay with me, Lieutenant.”

Her captain, her friend. Jamie tried to nod, but her muscles wouldn’t respond.

“A shuttle is on the way to pick us up,” Allie said.

Jamie turned her head, blinking. The bright-blue lights of the Eon shuttle were blinding. It zoomed toward them.

She drifted off again, her thoughts scattering. Suddenly, hands were on her, and then she was being lifted.

More lights. Pain. Fuck, the pain was frigging horrible.

Then blackness. The next thing she knew, she was lying on a firm bed. Then there was a deep, male voice.

“Let’s see those eyes open, marine.”

Jamie blinked. The face of a handsome Eon warrior came into view. His brow was creased in concentration, his neat brown hair fell over his forehead, calling attention to his rugged face.

“I’m alive?” Her voice was barely more than a croak.

“Yes.” He arched a brow. “And I’m planning to keep it that way. I had to use our healing havv to patch you up.”

She knew the Eon havv was similar to the helian. A red fluid of bio-organisms that could heal up wounds spectacularly.

Her gaze snagged on his hands. He had big ones, with long, well-shaped fingers. They had a few nicks and scars. Not a man who sat at a desk all day.

“You’re in Medical,” the warrior said. “Aboard the Desteron. I’m Medical Commander Aydin Kann-Ath.”

“Allie? Brack?”

“Alive, thanks to you. Captain Borden is all healed up, and hovering over the ever-stubborn, but healing, Second Commander.”

“I heard that,” came the rumble of Brack’s voice from nearby.

Jamie didn’t have the energy to turn her head and look. Damn, she hurt so much. She was damn glad Allie and her warrior were alive.

“You’re in pain.” The medical commander shifted, and she saw him lift a pressure injector.

Jamie stiffened. “No drugs.”

He frowned at her. “It’s a painkiller—”

“I don’t like them.” She tried to grab his arm and missed by a mile. Her parents used to dope her up when she was a kid.

“I’m not allowing you to be in agony,” he said firmly.

“Do it and I’ll break your kneecaps.”

He made a scoffing sound. “I might be a doctor, but I’m also a fully-trained Eon warrior.”

She glared at him. “I could take you.”

Then he smiled. God, it was a damn nice one.

“I look forward to you trying, when you can actually stand.” Before she could stop him, he touched the pressure injector to her neck.

She growled, but the pain instantly started to dull. “Bastard.”

His lips quirked. “I think you’re feeling better already.”

Then he leaned closer, and she felt him touching her neck. He smelled good. Really, really good. She stiffened. The drugs must be affecting her brain.

“I like your face,” she murmured.

He stilled, surprise a quick ripple on his features. “I like yours too.”

“And you smell nice.”

His lips quirked. “You suffer adverse effects from the drugs.”

“Told you I didn’t want them.” She felt the unfamiliar urge to pout.

“I thought you space marines were tough?”

The medical commander shifted, turning to move away, and her belly clenched. Jamie’s hand shot out, and this time, she managed to grab his wrist.

Her fingers brushed over the thick band that she knew housed his helian symbiont. She felt warmth pulse up her arm.

He turned back to her, frowning.

“Don’t…” Jamie swallowed, could barely force the words out. “Don’t leave me alone.”

Something moved across his handsome face. Then his warm fingers closed over hers.

“I’m not going anywhere, Jamie. I’m right here.”

God, it was so weak to need someone else. “Don’t tell anyone.” Her words were a whisper.

He seemed to understand her. “Your warrior reputation is safe with me.”

And that was all she needed.

With his warm presence beside her, she closed her eyes and let sleep take her.

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Eon Warriors Audiobooks

The Eon Warriors books are all available in audiobook! The amazing Vivienne Leheny is the narrator and she is absolutely brilliant at infusing emotion, humor, and character into the audio versions of these stories.

Eon Warriors Audio

New Release – Mission: Her Freedom and Artwork

They are a covert, black ops team known only as Team 52. Their mission: to secure and safeguard artifacts deemed highly dangerous and classified…and protect the women who capture their hearts.

Join Lachlan Hunter and his military team for their high-octane missions.

Hooray! It is release day for the latest Team 52 book, Mission: Her Freedom. I also have some fun, amazing artwork done by my author buddy, Lana Pecherczyk.

A badass combat medic will do anything to save her friend and teammate, but on the run from some very bad guys, she starts to look at her tattooed tech geek friend in a very different way…

Former Naval Intelligence officer Brooks Jameson might have lots of muscles and ink, but he’s a proud geek. He loves computers and his job—taking care of all things tech for his covert, black ops team of badasses—Team 52. But when he finds himself snatched off a Las Vegas street and in the hands of some very bad people who are after a powerful, dangerous artifact, he knows he’s in a fight for survival. Then his teammate Callie Kimura—gorgeous and way-out-of-his-league—strides through the door to rescue him…

Callie’s childhood and career in the Air Force taught her to never risk loving anyone, because losing them leaves you bleeding. She has everything she needs as the medic for Team 52, and when Brooks gets abducted, she’ll do anything to get her friend back. But when they end up on the run together, Callie starts to see the hunky geek in a very different light.

As Callie and Brooks battle to stop a deadly artifact being used in an evil plan, they ignite a scorching desire that shocks them both. But some scars—and the demons that made them—run deep, and Brooks knows he’ll need all his intelligence, patience, and love to convince the beautiful combat medic to let her heart be free.

Amazon US  Amazon Other  Sample

Here is the custom artwork of Callie and Brooks. Squee!

Art by Lana Pecherczyk

But wait, there’s more. I also have some custom artwork of grumpy scientist Ty and his heroine, River:

Art by Lana Pecherczyk

And in case you’ve forgotten the previous artwork for Team 52!

More Team 52 Info


Team 52 Cover Reveal – Mission: Her Freedom

They are a covert, black ops team known only as Team 52. Their mission: to secure and safeguard artifacts deemed highly dangerous and classified…and protect the women who capture their hearts.

Join Lachlan Hunter and his military team for their high-octane missions.

Today I’m showing off the awesome cover for Mission: Her Freedom! This story stars Team 52’s tattooed, hunky tech geek, Brooks Jameson. He’s been taken captive by some very bad people and knows he needs to do everything he can to survive.

For Team 52 fans, the cover is going to give away Brooks’ tough, badass heroine: combat medic Callie Kimura. As these two friends and team mates fight for their freedom, they start to look at each other in a very different way…

Mission: Her Freedom
Team 52 #6
Release Date: Tuesday November 26th

Mission: Classified
Hero: Tech geek Brooks Jameson
Heroine: Former Air Force pararescueman Callie Kimura
Artifact: Classified

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Excerpt from Mission: Her Safety (Team 52 #5) featuring Brooks

Brooks stepped into his favorite Las Vegas computer store. It was packed with parts and equipment. He always loved coming in here.

“Eamon, my man,” Brooks called out.

“Brooks.” The store owner, the same age as Brooks, stepped out from behind the counter. He wore a pair of coke-bottle glasses and a wide smile.

While Brooks had never been the stereotypical geek—he’d loved sports and people too much—Eamon looked every part the cliché nerd. He wore a sweater-vest over his shirt, was round at the waist, and already had a bald spot. But the man had made a killing from his chain of computer stores, so he no longer lived at home with his parents. Last Brooks had heard, he now lived with a tall, well-endowed former showgirl who was head over heels for him.

Eamon’s eyes lit up. “I got it.”

Excited, Brooks watched his friend set a box down on the counter. Brooks flipped it open and saw the part he’d been waiting for. Rare and expensive as hell, it was just what he wanted.

“It took a lot to find it,” Eamon said.

“Great work, buddy.”

“What are you planning to do with it?”

Brooks winked. “Top-secret.”

“Well, enjoy.”

“I’ll transfer payment today.” Brooks picked up the box.

“I know you’re good for it. Tell me how it works out.”

Brooks exited the store. He was late to meet the team at Griffin’s. Everyone wanted to celebrate a job well done and officially welcome River to the team.

Hell, Ty—of all people—had fallen in love. Brooks shook his head. The love bug was definitely going around.

Setting off down the sidewalk, Brooks shifted his shoulders. He wanted to meet someone too. In fact, he wanted the whole package when it came to a woman—sexy, smart, caring. He sighed. Unfortunately, he always seemed to attract the wrong types. It didn’t help that he worked with some of the best women out there—smart, brave, gorgeous.

And way out of his league.

He saw two big guys approaching ahead on the sidewalk and moved to the side to let them pass. He was contemplating how much money he’d lose to Blair at the pool table, when the back of his neck prickled.

The two burly, neckless guys were watching him.

The muscles along Brooks’ shoulders tensed.

Something made him glance back over his shoulder. Two more men were moving in behind him.


He quickly darted left, crossing the street.

The four men broke into a jog, coming after him.

Brooks hustled and launched into a sprint. He’d barely reached the other curb when gunfire broke out behind him.

Shit. He hit the ground, the box with his new part crushed beneath him. He leaped up and ran, dodging between two parked cars.

He kept running, and heard footsteps coming in fast behind him. Ahead, he spotted a small park, just starting to turn green again after the winter. He swiveled, running into it. As he pounded down the path, he dodged some teenagers on skateboards. He reached into his pocket, found his electronic fob, and pressed down on the alert button.

Circling some trees, he leaped over a park bench, and came back out on another street. If he could just get to where he’d parked his truck, he’d be home free.

A heavy force slammed into his legs, tackling him from behind. His box flew out of his hand.

Hitting the ground with a grunt, Brooks rolled, already pulling his fist back. He landed a hard punch to his attacker’s face.

“Fuck!” the man exploded.

Brooks didn’t spend all of his time in his computer room. He worked out daily, and trained with Team 52. He wasn’t afraid of a fight.

He slammed the guy in the head again, kicking his legs. Another punch, and the guy’s eyes rolled back in his head.

Yeah, he’d been expecting a tech geek.

Brooks shoved the guy off him, and leaped to his feet.

Two more men rushed at him. As one swung out an arm, Brooks landed a hard front kick into the man’s gut. He flew backward.

You picked the wrong guy to tangle with, assholes. As the second man moved, Brooks launched into a roundhouse kick. The guy fell like he’d hit a wall.

Another guy stepped back, looking wary.

Suddenly, something pinched Brooks’ chest. An electric shock ran over him, and his teeth clashed together. The pain was agonizing. Fuck.

He looked down to see the prongs of a Taser attached to the front of his shirt.

Fuck. Fuck.

Then his legs gave out and he dropped to the concrete, his body twitching.

Darkness swallowed him whole.

Team 52 Geek Giveaway

I have a FUN giveaway to celebrate Brooks’ and Callie’s cover! I’m giving away some cool “Geek is the new sexy” mugs in honor of our techie geek hero and a signed Team 52 paperback. I have FOUR of these sets to give away.

Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter, just select the options you’d prefer to do, and if you see any errors, click the link to go directly to the giveaway. Open internationally for the next week! Good luck!

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Team 52 Audiobooks

The amazing Stella Bloom is the narrator for the Team 52 series and she’s done a brilliant job bringing the team and their adventures to life.