More Phoenix Adventures Have Arrived!

Sci-fi romance lovers, there is a new Phoenix Adventures novel to enjoy AND a new novella as well.

Treasure hunts and sexy cyborgs: ON A ROGUE PLANET.

Science Fiction RomanceUnlucky-in-love salvage mechanic, Malin Phoenix, didn’t intend to get caught up in a coup and kidnapped by a sexy cyborg. But she finds herself swept into an adventure to help the deadly, emotionless CenSec, Xander Saros, retrieve an ancient Terran artifact and save his planet.

Soon she’s racing across uncharted space and is magnetically drawn to the cyborg whose strong arms and muscled body ignite a desire that burns brighter than a supernova. But Mal can never let herself forget that she can’t fall in love with a cyborg who can never love her back.

The crowning glory of the Centax Security program, Xander is heavily enhanced, his emotions dampened to nothing to allow him to be the most efficient, lethal killer in the galaxy. As he and Malin hunt for the remnant of the galaxy’s first computer, the Antikythera Mechanism, their quest leads them into the lair of a dangerous technomancer. But Xander can’t identify his greatest threat—the enemy or the fascinating woman who’s making him feel.


A sexy fortune teller + a single-minded marshal: BENEATH A TROJAN MOON

Fortune teScience fiction romanceller Relda Dela-Cruz is a woman with a secret. One she’ll do anything to conceal. She hides in plain sight on the market world of Souk, content with running her profitable fortune-telling business and never letting anyone too close. But when assailants attack her in pursuit of a powerful artifact, Relda collides with the city’s handsome, new marshal. A man who leaves no stone unturned and no secret covered.

War has left former Galactic Special Forces Captain Hunt Calder tired and empty, but one look at sexy Relda—with her wild curls and lush curves—brings him back to life. When she’s threatened over the mysterious Trojan Moon, Hunt will let nothing stop him from protecting her. Even Relda herself.

As they face alien attackers and killer droids, Relda can’t resist her burning attraction to Hunt. But she knows he’s the most dangerous threat of all, because he doesn’t just want her body, he wants her trust and her secret, too. A secret with the power to destroy Hunt and Relda, the city, even the planet itself.

New Release: In the Devil’s Nebula is out today!

First there was AT STAR’S END: “the love child of Indiana Jones and Firefly”, “a fun, thrill ride of a science fiction romance”, “a rip-roaring space opera,” “strap in, enjoy the heat of romance and the daring of this group of space travellers!

Now the adventure continues…

Take one space fighter pilot:Action Adventure Science Fiction Romance

Zayn Phoenix handled the flight-pod’s controls with the lightest touch. It was experience—years of it—but also gut instinct and nerves. For him, flying had never been about pushing button A, or pulling lever B. It was a passion.

And a deadly female assassin:

She stood, solemn and quiet, her dark robes cascading around her. She looked like the perfect assassin: cool features, blonde hair pulled back in a tight bun, her hands calm at her sides but ready for action.

Add a wild, exciting treasure hunt for an ancient artifact:

“You need us to hunt something for you,” Zayn said.

“Yes. Something big.”

“That’s what they all say.”

“Old Earth treasure. Ever heard of the Lincoln Derringer?”

“Hang on.” Ria heard Zayn talking to the others. Heard Dathan’s excited exclamations and Eos’ indrawn breath. “Apparently we’ve heard of it. It was a small handgun used to assassinate the famous Terran president.”

“Yes. Abraham Lincoln. A president of the United States of America.”

“Okay, we’ll talk,” Zayn said.

And you have IN THE DEVIL’S NEBULA, Book 2 of The Phoenix Adventures. Now available!


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Add More Adventure and Romance to Your Life

Perfection is evil. It’s something so many of us have fallen into the trap of trying to attain. We often think of it as a strength, but perfection is so very bad because it’s unattainable and it stops us from doing the really amazing things we should be doing.

I’ve waged a life long battle with the need for perfection…but I’ve been making great strides to ditch it. To just get in, do what I want, fail sometimes, learn from those failures and keep going. I think having children has changed me. I want my sons to see that it’s okay to fail, that failure is just a step along the way to success.

Action Romance Science Fiction Romance Space OperaToday is release day for my space opera romance, AT STAR’S END. This is one of those books I’d always wanted to write, but kept telling myself I shouldn’t. It is romance but it is also jam-packed with action, adventure, danger and lots of fun. It’s a big galactic treasure hunt for the last remaining fragment of the Mona Lisa.

The heroine of the story, Dr. Eos Rai, is also a women shedding her lifelong view of being perfect and doing what’s expected to live her dream. She wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and find Star’s End – the supposed resting place of the Mona Lisa. In the story, she has to step outside her comfort zone, reevaluate her beliefs and realize (with a little help from a rogue treasure hunter) that she needs a little more adventure in her life.

I think we all need more action and adventure in our lives.

Whether it’s the little things like shaking up your routine, singing to music at the top of your lungs or grabbing an action adventure packed book. Or the bigger things, like planning that dream overseas trip or finally deciding to take action on you one big bold dream. We could all do with forgetting about that unobtainable dream of perfection and dive into our own amazing adventure!

For more on Eos’s adventure, here’s a sample of AT STAR’S END or grab your own copy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Carina Press | Kobo | iTunes | ARe

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