Cover Reveal: Crashed on an Ice World

The holidays are here!

For many people, that means snow, being rugged up with mugs of hot chocolate, and cooking a big feast of roast turkey and all the trimmings. In Australia, it means sunny weather, the beach, and a big feast of salad, ham, and seafood 😀

It seems appropriate that my last book of the year is coming at the end of December and is set on an ice world. This is a Phoenix Adventures story! Fun, action and adventure in space…with a hunt for a lost old Earth treasure and a friends-to-lovers romance with the hard-headed Rynan Phoenix and his second-in-command Elana.

This is a stand-alone story, so you don’t need to be up-to-date on all the books in this series. That said, Rynan (and Elana) have made a few appearances in previous books. You can read some snippets below.

SO, enjoy the new cover AND don’t miss my giant Christmas Giveaway down below. There are signed paperbacks and awesome calendars up for grabs!!

Crashed on an Ice World
Release Date: Thursday December 28th

Cover art by the awesome Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Beyond Galaxy’s Edge featuring Rynan and Elana

“Wait, I have an idea.” Rynan pressed a button and activated the comm system. “Elana, you able to tear yourself away from the medbay to come to the bridge?”

A feminine snort. “I live to obey your commands, boss. What do you need? Someone hurt?”

“No. I need your expertise reading old scans.”

A pause. “Hmm. Now I’m intrigued. I’ll be up in a minute.”

“Elana’s your medic, right?” Nissa asked. “How come you want her to read messed-up scans?”

“She was raised on an ice-mining ship in the Scandia quadrant. Her family’s been ice mining for centuries. They scan suitable frozen moons and planets for mineral-packed ice, and apparently older scanners show the minerals better, if you know what you’re looking for. If anyone can tell us what’s on Sargasso’s moon, it’s Elana.”

Elana strode onto the bridge. She was small, slim through the hips, but her fitted, navy-blue medic jumpsuit left no doubt that she kept in shape. She swaggered like she was six feet tall, her black hair swinging in a ponytail behind her.

“Okay, let’s see these scans,” she said.

Rynan pulled out a chair for her. “We’re looking for anything that could be a starship wreck.”

Nissa watched the woman settle in beside Rynan. It was clear the two had an easy camaraderie. Nissa leaned in close to Justyn’s ear and lowered her voice.

“Are they…?” She nodded her head toward the couple.

“Nah. Best friends. Thick as thieves since Elana joined the crew. Ry would never, ever sleep with her. He never shares his bed with the same woman more than once. He’d never jeopardize his friendship with Elana.”

Nissa watched the way their heads were close together, saw Elana elbow Rynan out of her way in a practiced way that said she did it daily. Rynan flicked her ear in retaliation, then pointed to something on the screen.

Hmm. Rynan might keep women at arm’s length, but this one was so far under his skin, he hadn’t even noticed. Nissa smiled. It might be fun to watch the fireworks when he realized the fact.

Excerpt from Through Uncharted Space featuring Rynan and Elana

Dare stood in the med bay, watching Elana working on a motionless Rynan.

His brother was under a med scanner, and Elana’s worry was easy for Dare to see. She hovered over Ry, double and triple checking monitors.

“How is he?” Dare asked.

“There’s some damage to his brain,” she said.

“What? How bad?”

Elana raised a shaky hand to her mouth. “I won’t know until he wakes up.” She reached out and stroked Ry’s dark hair.

Dare watched her. “When are you going to tell him that you love him?”

A sad smile. “We both know he wouldn’t welcome it. I’m his friend, his employee. He’d see it as a betrayal.”

Everything she said was true. Rynan was fighting his own demons left over from their childhood.

“Besides,” she said, stroking his hair again, “he doesn’t believe in love.”

“I didn’t either. Things can change.”

Elana eyed him. “So I see. I guess if Dare Phoenix can fall in love, anything is possible. Where is Dakota?”

“I’m going to find her now. She disappeared as soon as we came aboard.” He stared at his brother’s face. “You’ll take care of him?”

“You don’t have to ask,” Elana answered.

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    I have so been looking forward to this story. Thanks for the holiday treat to look forward to! Happy holidays all!

    • Anna Hackett says:

      Yay, so happy to hear that, Anne! It was so great to finally write Rynan’s story. Happy holidays to you too.

  7. Catherine DeWilde says:

    I’ve been waiting to read their story. Hot cover!

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    A Phoenix Adventure just after Christmas ?????? Merry Christmas to me!!!! Thank you Anna! Can’t wait.

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      It just felt right to end the year with Rynan’s story and a revisit to the Phoenix Adventures world, Carrie. Merry Christmas <3

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    Had surgery on my knee, which is keeping me housebound the month of December. It gave me a chance to binge read all your books to stave off boredom. It’s been fun reading them all over again, and I can’t wait for the next book!

    • Anna Hackett says:

      Hope the knee is recovering well, Becky! Wow, a mammoth re-read. You’ll be all ready for Crashed on an Ice World! Take it easy <3

  23. That cover is gorgeous! I haven’t read this series yet, though I’ve read ths, gg, and hs, but I’m definitely gonna have to get on that ASAP 🙂

    • Anna Hackett says:

      This series is more stand alone than the others, Niki. All the characters are related but each story is stand alone. It has more of a fun adventure feel than GG and HS but still lots of action and romance!

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    Great job on the cover as always! 👍
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      Thanks, Shannon! You knows those Phoenix boys…not a Phoenix Adventure unless someone is crashing a starship, chasing treasure, and fighting the bad guys 😉

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