Cover Reveal – Hell Squad: Dom

Are you ready to go to hell?

Hell Squad, Squad Nine, and the Squad Three berserkers have been busy battling the alien invaders and trying to save Earth and the human survivors.

I have more action-packed post-apocalyptic goodness for you today. This time, we get to see the dark, mysterious berserker Dominic Santora fight for love, hope, and happiness as his life entwines with that of Squad Nine’s quiet, elegant comms officer, Arden Carlisle.

I have lots of reasons to be excited today!

#1 – I am excited to show you Dom’s cover

#2 – I have a great Hell Squad giveaway to celebrate

#3 – I am SUPER excited to also show off some new amazing custom artwork of the berserkers

Scroll down to the bottom to see the cover and art, and to enter the giveaway.

Hell Squad #18
Release Date: Tuesday June 18th

Cover art by Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Griff featuring Dom and Arden

He liked the night.

Dom Santora walked silently toward one of the entrances leading back into the Enclave. He didn’t mind patrol. Usually, he’d be on patrol with Griff, or one of the other berserkers. But after their mission in the mountains, they had a few days off.

Dom didn’t really like time off. He’d swapped a patrol shift with a soldier from another squad. He shifted his shoulder and didn’t even feel the faintest twinge. The doc had pulled the Gizzida projectile from his arm, given him a lecture about not getting to her quicker, and then shot him with nanomeds.

It had been a close call for Griff. Dom scowled into the night, remembering the tense moments. His friend had almost died, but thankfully, he’d live to fight another day. And was happily recovering in Indy’s tattooed arms.

The faintest smile tipped Dom’s lips. He’d never expected to form a bond with a man who’d once been a cop. He and the police had never mixed. But now he counted Griff as one of the few people he trusted. He was very happy Griff and Indy had found their way to each other.

His smile faded. If his friends had any chance at the happy ending they deserved, then they needed to find a way to destroy the octagon weapon. The tech team were tracking it and analyzing Indy’s pictures, but right now, they had a lot of unanswered questions.

Dom glanced at his watch. His shift was almost over. He’d been patrolling and checking for any Gizzida activity. It had been quiet. Too quiet. In his gut, he felt something was coming.

Yes, darkness was coming and it wouldn’t be good for the remaining survivors.

He released a breath, looking up at the stars twinkling in the night sky. He’d been born in the dark, raised in it, lived in it. It was all he knew, and he’d fight so the others had a chance to live in the light.

Suddenly, he scented something on the air. Flowers. Sweet and light.

He circled some trees and heard a small, indrawn breath. That’s when he saw her.

She was sitting in the darkness, knees drawn to her chest, staring up at the stars.

“You shouldn’t be out here,” he said.

She jerked, looking in his direction, searching the darkness until she spotted his shadow. She pushed to her feet and swallowed. “I just wanted some air.”

“It’s dangerous to be outside the Enclave. You know that.”

“Everything is dangerous these days.” She tucked a strand of pale-brown hair back behind her ear.

“You think a raptor won’t snatch you, just because you’re close to the Enclave? You’re smarter than that, Arden.”

She tilted her head. “You know my name.”

He knew a lot about her. Arden Carlisle. Comms officer for Squad Nine. Quietly beautiful. Elegant. Heartbreaking sadness in her big, violet-blue eyes.

He knew that she’d lost her husband and children in the invasion. He knew it had scarred her deeply. Yes, he’d watched her and he knew her name.

Dom also knew she was way out of his league.

He leaned in closer, watching her stiffen. Her gaze locked on his face.

“Advice, Arden. Don’t sneak out. The Gizzida are planning their endgame. They’re going to get bolder, take greater risks. If they find you out here, they’ll snatch you without a second thought.”

She swallowed again and nodded. “Okay. I’d better go in.”

Dom crossed his arms over his chest and watched her gaze drop down to them.

And even in the darkness, he saw something flicker in her eyes. She quickly turned away, panic on her face.

He didn’t know what made him do it, but he reached out and grabbed her arm. He felt a burst of warmth against his fingers. He breathed in and her scent filled his senses.

“Arden, promise me, no more sneaking out.”

She looked back at him and lifted her chin. For a second, he marveled at her alabaster-smooth skin.

“Sometimes… Sometimes I have to get out. The walls close in, Dom.”

So, she knew his name, too.

And he understood the feeling of being trapped. In his previous life, he’d been born trapped, lived trapped, and in the still of the night, he’d wished he could escape. He wished he could live in the light.

Even with that life behind him, he still carried it with him. It was like a stink he’d never be rid of.

One he’d never inflict on anyone else.

“If you want to go outside again, you call me,” he said.

Her lips parted and she stared at him. His gut clenched. Cazzo. Why the hell had he said that?

“You’d do that?” she murmured.

She was so damn beautiful. “Yeah. So, call me, si? And no more sneaking out alone.”

White teeth bit down on that luscious bottom lip.

“You get me, Arden? I need to know you understand.”

“I get you.”

He nudged her back toward the hidden door into the Enclave. “Now get back inside.”

She nodded, then found the hidden keypad and tapped in the code. The disguised door opened, and she took a step inside. She paused. “Good night, Dom.”

“Good night, bella.”

The door closed behind her and Dom stayed there in the dark. Where he’d lived all his life.

But for the first time in a long time, he wished he belonged in the light.

Berserker Custom Art Reveal

I am BEYOND excited to share the amazing custom artwork by artist MyCKs! She’s done an incredible job bringing our bad-boy berserkers to life.


To see the entire collection of custom Hell Squad artwork, take a look at my Extras page.

Hell Squad Giveaway

Of course I had to have a giveaway to celebrate Dom’s cover! I have a Hell Squad Goodies Pack to give to ONE lucky winner. Two runner-up winners will also win a signed Hell Squad paperback each. The giveaway is open internationally!

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