Cover Reveal: Team 52

Welcome to the world of Team 52!

This is high-octane action romance featuring tough, sexy former military operators now working for the covert black ops team known only as Team 52.

Their mission: to collect and safeguard artifacts and objects deemed highly dangerous or classified. Artifacts that no one wants falling into the wrong hands…

And along the way, they find themselves sent in to rescue and protect some tough, smart women…and risking it all to keep them safe.

Today I have not one but TWO Team 52 covers to show to you! I’m so excited to share these sexy covers with you and the exclusive (and awesome) photos included in them.

Team 52 has made some cameo appearances in books from my other action-adventure series, Treasure Hunter Security. So it only seemed fitting to celebrate the cover reveal by putting the Treasure Hunter Security box set on sale for 99c! Details below.

And I had to have a giveaway! I have a Team 52-Treasure Hunter Security Signed Paperback Giveaway to celebrate the Team 52 cover reveal.  Scroll down to the bottom to enter the giveaway.

Mission: Her Protection
Team 52 #1
Release Date: Tuesday August 14th

Mission: Rescue scientists and retrieve artifact from Arctic research base in Canada

Hero: Team 52 leader, Commander Lachlan Hunter

Heroine: Arctic research base leader, Dr. Rowan Schafer

Artifact: Classified

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Mission: Her Rescue
Team 52 #2
Release Date: Tuesday October 9th

Mission: Classified

Hero: Classified (psst, he’s from Team 52!)

Heroine: Classified (psst, she’s an archeologist)

Artifact: Classified

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

Photographer: Paul Henry Serres

Mission: Her Security
Team 52 #3
Release Date: Tuesday November 13th

Cover Reveal coming in October

Excerpt from Unmapped (Treasure Hunter Security #6) featuring Team 52

He looked up and saw a team of people standing on one of the ice ledges above. They were dressed in all-white, cold-weather gear, goggles pulled over their faces. One was holding a net-launcher device.

The team threw ropes down the ice wall and seconds later, were rappelling down.

Ronin pushed up, helping Peri to her feet. Her eyes were red and watery. The others all stood as well. They watched the team in white stride over to secure Silk Road and the artifact.

One man broke away from the group, and headed toward them. His cold-weather gear did nothing to hide the big, powerful body beneath. He moved like someone who had honed their body to be a weapon. He stopped and lifted his goggles up on top of his hood. The bottom half of his face was covered by a white bandana, so just his eyes were visible.

They were a deep amber color.

Dec stepped forward. “The team in black is the team in white today.”

“Ward. Thanks for helping us locate a dangerous artifact.”

“You mean weapon,” Declan said.

The man in white shot Dec a hard stare. “It doesn’t matter what it’s called. I’m securing it.”

“Target restrained.” A woman in white came to stand behind the man.

“Who the hell are these people?” Peri demanded.

The man lifted a hand. With a start, Ronin realized the man wasn’t wearing a glove and his skin was a bright, silver color. No. Ronin looked harder. The man had some sort of high-tech prosthetic.

“It’s none of your concern, Ms. Butler.” The man’s voice was deep. “But I assure you, the artifact is in safe hands.”

“And it’ll be studied,” Dec said with a scowl. “And reverse engineered.”

“No,” the man replied. “It will be secured. That’s all I can tell you.” He glanced at his team, then stepped back. “We’d be happy to give you a ride back to Aurora Station. We have a helicopter.”

“We aren’t giving them our find,” Logan growled.

The man straightened. “I work for the government, Mr. O’Connor. Your government. I’m authorized to take the weapon in.”

“You fuckers nearly killed Hale and Agent Alexander on the last mission we were involved in,” Dec said.

Ronin was well aware Dec was still pissed about the drone incident in the Kalahari Desert.

“That was…a mistake.”

“And maybe it’s a mistake giving you this artifact, too,” Logan said.

“Are you going to fight us for it?” the man asked in a silky tone.

Logan’s hands curled into fists. “We could take you.”

Ronin tensed, waiting to see what Dec wanted to do.

Dec sighed, looking tired. “You know what? I want a hot shower, a beer, and then a plane ride back to my wife. So sure. You want a dangerous artifact, it’s yours.”

“I fucking hate these guys,” Logan grumbled.

“You did good work today. This could have ended badly.” The man’s gaze connected with Declan’s. “I’m not authorized to tell you this, but we’re called Team 52.”

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