Hell Squad: Hemi Cover Reveal

The countdown is on to the release of the next Hell Squad book! It is time for our rough, tough berserker, Hemi Rahia, to capture the woman who keeps running from him.

And to celebrate Hemi’s cover reveal I have a signed Hell Squad paperback giveaway! Scroll down to the bottom to enter.

Hell Squad: Hemi Cover Reveal
Release Date: May 30th

Science Fiction Romance Cover


Excerpt from Hell Squad: Theron featuring Hemi

Hemi Rahia fired his carbine, his focus on taking down the aliens.

Fucking Gizzida. The bastards had invaded the world, and killed and destroyed millions. He had zero issues mowing them down.

He yanked a grenade off his belt and lobbed it into a group of approaching raptors. He grinned. As flames erupted, his squad fanned out around him, firing at the aliens.

They were the toughest sons of bitches he’d ever fought with, and he was proud to stand with them.

“Think I’m going to have this year’s quota for the most kills,” Levi called out. The former biker, aimed his carbine, taking down two raptors in quick succession.

Hemi snorted and yanked his shotgun off his back. “You wish, King.” A raptor charged at Hemi with a roar, and Hemi pumped the weapon, then shot the alien in the gut.

“Incoming!” Tane yelled.

A raptor grenade bounced between them—an ugly, black device covered in spikes. Hemi and his squad mates dived out of the way.

He hit the ground and rolled, just as flames exploded behind him. He came to his feet and realized he’d been separated from the other guys.

Several raptors were moving in to surround him.

He pumped the shotgun. “Bring it on, assholes.” He shot the nearest raptor, the boom echoing around him.

A huge-ass creeper skittered closer and let out a screech. Damn thing was so ugly. He pumped the shotgun again.

Suddenly, laser fire sprayed the beast, cutting it down.

Hemi looked up and saw the Darkswift shoot past.

“Looked like you needed some help.” The smug female voice came through his earpiece.

“Baby, I was doing just fine, but I know you can’t stay away from me.”

He easily pictured Cam’s long, lean body settled in the Darkswift, and he easily pictured her nose scrunching from his comment. He waited for her snarky response.

A half snort, half laugh crossed the comm line and he realized Cam’s partner, Taylor, was on the line as well.

“Keep dreaming, Rahia.” Cam’s tone was sharp.

Ah, there it was. It was really sick, he knew, but he loved when she tossed that attitude his way.

He paused to shoot another raptor, and headed back toward his squad. “I’ve got plenty of dreams, Cam.” He lowered his voice. “And you star in all of them.” And it was about damn time she quit running and he made them more than just dreams.

A humming silence.

He grinned. Yeah, he loved poking at her and seeing her flares of passion and temper.

“Rahia, if you think—”

He cut her off. “It’s New Year’s Eve soon.” He kicked a dying raptor out of his way. “There’s a big party planned and at the stroke of twelve, I’ll find you.”

“Oh?” A slow, unconcerned drawl.

“The kiss at midnight is all mine.” You’re all mine. It was a promise.

“Keep dreaming, Rahia,” she snapped.

As more raptors converged, he swung his weapon around. Oh, he would. And he had every intention of making his dreams come true.

I am also squeeing with excitement to announce that the first two books of Galactic Gladiators are now available as audiobooks. The oh-so-brilliant narrator, Vivienne Leheny, has done an amazing job with not just the voices of the characters but also giving us the emotion of the series. Come take a listen to the alien world of Carthago.

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Hell Squad Paperback Giveaway

To celebrate the cover reveal of Hemi, I’m giving away some signed Hell Squad paperbacks. Three winners will get to choose a Hell Squad paperback from what I have lying around in my office! Open internationally and closes on Friday.

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  6. Danielle Munger says

    That cover is AmazinG! You definitely out did yourself for Hemi! So excited for him and Cam! ?

    • Anna Hackett says

      Thanks so much, Danielle! Glad you like. It was pretty tricky trying to find an image to do our Hemi justice!

  7. Amanda Viecelli says

    What a fantastic cover! Can’t wait to read it!

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    • Anna Hackett says

      Oh, well, I am super pleased to hear that! These are Maori-style tattoos to reflect Hemi’s heritage.

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    • Anna Hackett says

      He has been patient, Corrinne! And Cam still puts up a good fight, but he’s stubborn and persistent 🙂

  35. Elizabeth S. says

    Holy hotness!! Hemi looks awesome from the back!! Can’t wait to see what he looks like from the front! Can’t wait to read about Hemi & Can!! Thanks, Anna!!!!!! ???

    • Anna Hackett says

      I thought we needed some sexy back for a change, Elizabeth 🙂 Not long until Hemi and Cam will be all yours!!

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      You can look forward to Hemi and then a new gladiator coming after him, Lyda. Plenty more of both series to come!

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      So pleased you enjoyed Theron, Diarra! And not you get Hemi is the same month! Glad you love his cover.

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    • Anna Hackett says

      So, so happy to hear that, Sally. One of the reasons I write is in the hope that it helps my readers escape the real life stuff for a little while, and if my stories help people through tough times in any way, I am so incredibly happy. Stay tuned for more berserkers!

  46. Christine B. says

    The cover is gorgeous! I can’t wait for Hemi’s story! He has been “romancing” Cam for so long, poor guy! lol

  47. Kyrene F says

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      Thank you, Carol! I love writing all my series and hearing how much readers enjoy them…so it makes the hard work feel easy.

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    • Anna Hackett says

      Thanks so much, Shannah!! I think Hemi’s cover is pretty hot 🙂 So glad you are a Hell Squad fan <3

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    • Anna Hackett says

      Thank you so much, Lizabeth! I am so fortunate to have wonderful readers like you who love Hell Squad 🙂

  69. I love the cover! I am not, however, to keen on the full beard he has going on though. 5 o`clock shadow? heck ya! But not a full beard. Never the less, he is still hot, and I love the tattoos. The rest of the cover is great too of course ;b

    • Huh, I guess this thing is keyed into a different time zone, because it was 10:12 when I first posted, so I am not yet in the 20th…Hope I still qualify.

  70. Amy Bosinske says

    Yaaayyyy!!! Hemi is finally here (almost)! Can’t wait to read his and Cam’s story. The short story featuring Marcus and Elle was sweet. A reminder to take time for each other no matter what crazy is going on. Thank you Anna!

    • Anna Hackett says

      Thanks, Amy! I am so excited to share Hemi and Cam with everyone. And so glad you enjoyed a glimpse of Marcus and Elle 🙂

  71. Sheri Cordell says

    What an amazing cover…gorgeous ink, sexy backside, and with that dark beard I am imagining Hemi has piercing, blue eyes…YUMMY!!! You really have outdone yourself with this cover Anna. It would make a fantastic poster that I could *drool* over all day & night. Lord, it just got warm in here…LOL!! I am sooo looking forward to reading this story.

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