Hell Squad: Marcus out in Audiobook

I am *so* excited to announce that Hell Squad: Marcus is now available as an audiobook! And I’m giving away a few free downloads to celebrate — scroll down for more info!

Marcus, Elle, the gritty post-alien invasion world, and the rest of the Hell Squad gang, are brought to life by the amazing voice talent of Jeffrey Kafer (who has a perfect gruff voice for the series) and Samantha Cook (who has a wonderful voice that brings the story to life).

Listen to the first chapter below!

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Marcus Audiobook Giveaway

**** Giveaway now closed! ****

Congrats to the winners: Ana, Carey, Su, Sienna, and Susan R.

To celebrate, I am giving away a FREE Marcus download code (for Audible.com or Audible.co.uk) to FIVE lucky winners. All you have to do is leave a comment here and tell me you’d love to listen to Marcus.

Giveaway is open until close of business Friday 25th Nov. Winners will be notified by email and on this post.


  1. That is so exciting! I love Hell Squad! I can’t wait to hear everyone come to life.

  2. I would love to listen to your novels on audio! Since moving to Michigan from California, I listen to audiobooks quite often in the car since I can’t read while driving. I have become the taxi driver for the kids and my drive time has tripled since the schools in our area of Southern CA were 1 block over and that’s no longer the case ~ we won’t talk about the cold ~ shhh 🙂 Haha!

    • Anna Hackett says

      Julia, I feel cold as soon as you say Michigan! That’s great you listen to audiobooks in the car — they are great for driving. My commute to drop Mr 5 at school is 1 minute, so no good for me (-:

  3. I listened to a snippet and now I want to listen to it ALL! Love it and how sexy is Jeffrey Kafer’s voice?! I hope I’m one of the lucky 5 *fingers crossed*

    • Anna Hackett says

      I hear you about Jeffrey’s voice, Trish!! I knew as soon as I heard him that he was perfect for Hell Squad. Fingers crossed for you (-:

  4. Elleb Wortham says

    I love your books especially Hells Squad. I hope i win a copy to listen to. This snippet makes me want to go back and read them all again. Keep up the good work.

    • Anna Hackett says

      Thank you so much! Hell Squad has some many fabulous readers and I love writing this series. More books (and audiobooks) to come.

  5. Leslie Campbell says

    Audio can be so difficult to get right – and boy did you ever! Congrats on breaking into a new media for your wonderful stories!

    • Anna Hackett says

      Thank you, Leslie! Thrilled to hear that. I know exactly what you mean about audiobooks, and that’s why I decided to get very good narrators.

  6. I LOVE Marcus, so I’d love to listen to the audio book!

  7. Carol Greenwood says

    I love this book!! It’s the book that I first read and I’ve been an audible fan for several years and can’t wait to hear this story. I hope all the rest will eventually be on audible!

    • Anna Hackett says

      Yay! Thanks so much, Carol. And I am pleased to say that Cruz and Gabe will be out in audio in the new year (-:

  8. Yummy! Love a bit of book listening. Great to hear the team come alive to where it all started. X

    • Anna Hackett says

      Thanks so much, Liezel. As an author, it is so weird at first, to hear someone narrating your story. But Jeffrey and Samantha made it so easy to listen and get lost in the story.

  9. Ear yumminess! Love a bit of book listening. Great to hear the team come alive to where it all started. X

  10. Dear Anna, I am sooo in love with your series, but specially with Hell Squad!

    Since I can’t participate in your hardcopy giveaways (due to where I live) I do have hopes for this one.

    Thank you for your amazing stories!

    • Anna Hackett says

      So happy you love my books, and especially Hell Squad (it has a lot of fans!) Good luck with the giveaway and stay tuned for more stories (-:

  11. This is amazing! Congratulations on the audio book!

  12. Chera Hudson says

    Sounds great! Now I get to hear as well as read Hell Squad!

  13. I love audio books and hope that the other books will follow!

  14. Congratulations! Audiobooks show a different take on the written book since there is the narration. Great!

  15. Cyndi Jennings says

    would love to win this.

  16. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of the books in this series. I have never owned an audio book, and would love it if I won so I could try it!

    • Anna Hackett says

      Thrilled you enjoy Hell Squad, Su. I’m new to audio too. Once I listened to a few books, I really got into the flow. You almost have to “learn” how to listen, if that makes sense! Good luck.

  17. I would love to listen to Marcus!! Thank you.

  18. OMG Hell Squad live and in stereo!!!! Great voice casting and a wonderful story!!!

  19. Kitty Lindsay says

    So cool! Wish the sample had Jeffrey Kafer’s voice. Would love to hear what Marcus sounds like. Definitely interested in the giveaway.

    • Anna Hackett says

      Hi Kitty! Scroll through to the second half of the sample and you’ll get to hear Jeffrey (-: It’ll be worth it, promise!

  20. Carey Sullivan says

    I love audiobooks because I can listen while cooking, exercising, walking, etc. I would live to hear this book on audiobook!

    • Anna Hackett says

      So many audio listeners have said the same thing, Carey, that they can do other things and enjoy a book. Good luck!

  21. Deborah Bates says

    I’m seriously hooked on audiobooks. I would love to listen to Marcus!

  22. Catherine Fyfe says

    Great book, so glad it’s being released in Audio:-)

  23. Hell Squad on audio hooray yet another way to live this fabulous series,more action and drool worth times ahead yeah!

  24. Holly Elaine says

    I can’t wait for more audio books from the Hell Squad. I would be lying if I said I didn’t read these books so many times that I could probably quote word for word of my personal favourite! (Reed) It would probably only add to my obsession with audio as I wouldn’t have to carry my kindle everywhere and would probably stop running into things! 😉

    • Anna Hackett says

      You made my day, Holly! Thrilled you love the Hell Squad gang — and yay for Reed being your fav. Cruz and Gabe will be coming to audio in the new year (-:

  25. Love your stories! I hope there will be a lot of other audio books in the future.

    • Anna Hackett says

      Thanks so much, Beccy! Cruz and Gabe will be coming to audio in the new year, and I have a feeling Treasure Hunter Security and the Galactic Gladiators won’t be far behind.

  26. Would love to listen to all of Marcus. The preview was great. Thanks for the chance.

  27. Anna does it again! Thanks for giving us Audible!! I’m big on audio books. Love these voices. The narrator sounds kind of intense but Man! When she speaks as a character, bam! Their emotion comes through! That’s a tough skill. Give them Kudo’s please! And I only listened to a sample. Can’t wait to hear some other ‘fun’ parts of this story:-)
    P.S. If I’m a lucky winner, please give it to someone else. I already bought the full Audible version. Gotta support my Anna! Not “My” Anna. Just know that you are loved! Thanks for taking me to SOoooo many places. You ROCK!!

    • Anna Hackett says

      How do I clone you, Dan? (-: Thrilled you love the narrators — I knew exactly what I wanted for the series and am so, so happy with Jeffrey and Samantha’s narration.

      • A clone of me??? Pffff! I wish! Then I could read all hours of the day:-) Thank you Anna! You deserve the Huge Props!! I’m honored to be a part of your world

  28. I would love to listen to your new audible book.

  29. I would love to listen and review Marcus.

  30. Susan Eaton says

    I,d love to listen to MARCUS!

  31. Michelle Thao says

    I would totally love to listen to the book. It has been on my to read list but because I’ve been so busy, I haven’t gotten a chance to sit down to relax enough to read it. Having it is audio will be even greater as I can listen while on the go running my errands or while I am at work just doing data entry.

  32. Shannon Ferguson says

    Hi Anna! This is the first time I’ve ever listened to an audiobook and it was awesome!! I want to hear the rest of the book now! And you know that Marcus is my favourite Hell Squad man (but I can’t wait to read Devlin’s book). So, I’d love to win and have Hell Squad: Marcus on audio!! Cheers!

  33. Norma-Anne Lopez says

    Hello Anna,

    I listened to the whole book, and LOVED IT!!!!! Left a review on Amazon. You are an incredible writer and I tell everyone that they need to try your book, but now that it is on audibles that just makes it even better.

    Thank you

  34. Susan Robertson says

    I’ve just recently discovered your books, Ms. Hackett, and was thrilled to find your message in my inbox this morning offering an opportunity to listen to the audio version of HELL SQUAD: MARCUS. I’ve not yet read any of the titles in your Hell Squad series, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the two narrators do such an excellent job! I’m so glad you’re offering it on audio – after working on the computer for hours at work each day, it’s nice to come home and relax with a great audiobook and give my eyes a rest. I’d love to win one of the free audio downloads you’re so generously offering. But regardless, this series is now on my “must read!” list. Thank you!

    • Anna Hackett says

      Hi Susan! Thanks for your lovely message. I can imagine that after working on a computer all day, audiobooks are a great way to relax! Good luck — I’ll be drawing the giveaway in the morning!!

  35. Carla Wright says

    I can’t wait to reunite with Marcus, Elle and the rest of Hell Squad via audiobook. I’m so glad you’re getting into this area. I have a lot of problems with my eyes a lot of times I can’t focus well enough to read and I just prefer to listen to the stories. Thanks so much.

    • Anna Hackett says

      Thanks so much, Carla! It seems a lot of readers are listening to audiobooks now. Hope you enjoyed Marcus and the gang in this new way (-:

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