New Release – Mission: Her Freedom and Artwork

They are a covert, black ops team known only as Team 52. Their mission: to secure and safeguard artifacts deemed highly dangerous and classified…and protect the women who capture their hearts.

Join Lachlan Hunter and his military team for their high-octane missions.

Hooray! It is release day for the latest Team 52 book, Mission: Her Freedom. I also have some fun, amazing artwork done by my author buddy, Lana Pecherczyk.

A badass combat medic will do anything to save her friend and teammate, but on the run from some very bad guys, she starts to look at her tattooed tech geek friend in a very different way…

Former Naval Intelligence officer Brooks Jameson might have lots of muscles and ink, but he’s a proud geek. He loves computers and his job—taking care of all things tech for his covert, black ops team of badasses—Team 52. But when he finds himself snatched off a Las Vegas street and in the hands of some very bad people who are after a powerful, dangerous artifact, he knows he’s in a fight for survival. Then his teammate Callie Kimura—gorgeous and way-out-of-his-league—strides through the door to rescue him…

Callie’s childhood and career in the Air Force taught her to never risk loving anyone, because losing them leaves you bleeding. She has everything she needs as the medic for Team 52, and when Brooks gets abducted, she’ll do anything to get her friend back. But when they end up on the run together, Callie starts to see the hunky geek in a very different light.

As Callie and Brooks battle to stop a deadly artifact being used in an evil plan, they ignite a scorching desire that shocks them both. But some scars—and the demons that made them—run deep, and Brooks knows he’ll need all his intelligence, patience, and love to convince the beautiful combat medic to let her heart be free.

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Here is the custom artwork of Callie and Brooks. Squee!

Art by Lana Pecherczyk

But wait, there’s more. I also have some custom artwork of grumpy scientist Ty and his heroine, River:

Art by Lana Pecherczyk

And in case you’ve forgotten the previous artwork for Team 52!

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  1. Awesome artwork!

  2. Katie Fulgueira says

    These are amazing!!!!! Can’t wait to read Brooks’ story! ❤

  3. Love love how you have artwork done for your books!! It makes YOU and them extra special.

  4. Kim Van Houten says

    These are great! The artist is awesome!

  5. Brenda Holt says

    Thanks for the artwork pictures. When I go to re-read the books, their images will be in my mind. Great work!

  6. Debbie Swift says

    Love the artwork! She is very talented! Cant wait to read this one!

  7. Alma Spivey says

    As always totally fantastic. Loved the artwork and will be reading new Team 52 shortly. I absolutely adore and appreciate you and your team’s hard work in giving us such enjoyment. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  8. Fran Barber says

    Awesome love the artwork

  9. Linda Whitacre says

    Wonderful artwork. A little of each character’s personality is captured in the drawings. Linda

  10. ManyHatMomma says

    Oh WOW! I LOVE this cover! Great job guys!!!

  11. These are great! Love them.

  12. Julia Houlahan says

    Wow they all look great. awesome job!!

  13. Great art of the characters. LOVE IT!!!

  14. Rachelle Westcott says

    Must have!

  15. Brooks & Callie are my heart 🥰.

    All the artwork looks so good together! Nicely done Lana.

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