Ready to meet the Squad Three berserkers?

The first of the berserker bad boys, Hell Squad: Hemi, is coming on Tuesday the 30th! Can’t wait to share Hemi and Cam with you. While we wait, I thought we should get to know the berserkers a little better.


  1. Mary Donahue says

    Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! I have loved them all, but I do Love a hot guy on a motorcycle who could “throw down” to protect me and a great ride off his cycle too. Now that I’ve ridden hundreds of miles on the back of a Harley, I have a new appreciation for why it is so freeing and addictive.

  2. Wow those are some hot guys. Can’t wait for their stories. I hope this series never ends.

    • Anna Hackett says

      All good things come to an end, Chris. But thankfully, we have all these berserkers to spend some time with first πŸ™‚

  3. Shannon Ferguson says

    OMG! The berserkers look sooo good, I could eat them up…or they could other way around…or something like that…lol. Holy hotness!!

  4. Holy Smoke Lady, Be still my Heart!!!! Please hurry with their stories!!!!

  5. Have Hemi and will have to reread as I keep getting interrupted. Love this group of Bad Boys and can’t wait for the rest of them to join the party.

  6. No, I cannot wait! LOVED Hemi. Don’t know how Cam lasted that long. I would have been on him like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm.

  7. Frances Barber says

    They are all so sexy, Loved Hemi, can’t wait for Ash and hoping they’re in the order you’re writing them. Love them all.

    • Anna Hackett says

      LOL — no Frances. They are just in the order I uploaded the images. I’m still not entirely sure of the order. Depends whose story demands out the loudest πŸ™‚

      • Frances Barber says

        The fact that the characters let you write their books is what makes the books so good. I sometimes think that writers don’t write, the characters do it.

  8. Any chance of photos of the other Squads

    • Anna Hackett says

      Possibly, Tanya. I would love to put some images of the other squads together. Maybe when I get some free time (which I’m pretty low on when I’m busy writing!!)

  9. Love this series, cant wait for Hemi & the rest of the guys from Berserker squad, I know I wont be disappointed xx

  10. What about Selina? Will the mysterious alien get a book?

  11. Can’t wait for more Berserkers. I especially have high blood for Tane Rahia. He is a true hottie. Loved Hemi but get on it, girl, need more Berserkers. They truly float my boat. I have dreams about Tane.

  12. Can’t wait for more Berserkers. I especially have high blood for Tane Rahia. He is a true hottie. Loved Hemi but get on it, girl, need more Berserkers. They truly float my boat. I have dreams about Tane.

  13. This is driving me crazy. ( one of the reasons I usually don’t do series )
    Drink some Wonder Woman juice and get some more out in this series lol
    I tried to venture and read your other series. They are good don’t get me wrong but I don’t rush and try to buy or want to reread each time a new book comes out in it to refresh my mind.
    ( yes I have read this series a few times :-/ ) I keep checking back for a possible release date so I can put my mind at ease

    • Know the feeling. After Hell Squad I got all the other series and read them all. I loved all Anna Hackett books. I am waiting for the next book with eagerness. Hopefully it will be soon, because I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms. So Shanna I feel your pain :/.

      • Anna Hackett says

        More berserkers coming soon, Shanna and Mara! I’m finishing off some books in my Treasure Hunter Security series this week…and then am heading back to Hell Squad and the berserkers. Stay tuned…

        • What’s not to love about Anna Hackett? She is a great writer and true to her readers. Thanks for the moments you take out of your busy live to answer to your readers. πŸ™‚

  14. I really enjoy your stories. They are very well written with the right balance of romance, action and a healthy bit of possesiveness. I love how the stories develop over time. Though, I am most excited about stories of Galen, Tane, Griff and Dom. I also like your treasure security series and I would love to know what happens with our fbi agent and his counter part ;). Please try to write these stories super soon. Love your work! Thank you so much for giving us such awesome books to enjoy!

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