Team 52 Cover Reveal – Mission: Her Freedom

They are a covert, black ops team known only as Team 52. Their mission: to secure and safeguard artifacts deemed highly dangerous and classified…and protect the women who capture their hearts.

Join Lachlan Hunter and his military team for their high-octane missions.

Today I’m showing off the awesome cover for Mission: Her Freedom! This story stars Team 52’s tattooed, hunky tech geek, Brooks Jameson. He’s been taken captive by some very bad people and knows he needs to do everything he can to survive.

For Team 52 fans, the cover is going to give away Brooks’ tough, badass heroine: combat medic Callie Kimura. As these two friends and team mates fight for their freedom, they start to look at each other in a very different way…

Mission: Her Freedom
Team 52 #6
Release Date: Tuesday November 26th

Mission: Classified
Hero: Tech geek Brooks Jameson
Heroine: Former Air Force pararescueman Callie Kimura
Artifact: Classified

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Excerpt from Mission: Her Safety (Team 52 #5) featuring Brooks

Brooks stepped into his favorite Las Vegas computer store. It was packed with parts and equipment. He always loved coming in here.

“Eamon, my man,” Brooks called out.

“Brooks.” The store owner, the same age as Brooks, stepped out from behind the counter. He wore a pair of coke-bottle glasses and a wide smile.

While Brooks had never been the stereotypical geek—he’d loved sports and people too much—Eamon looked every part the cliché nerd. He wore a sweater-vest over his shirt, was round at the waist, and already had a bald spot. But the man had made a killing from his chain of computer stores, so he no longer lived at home with his parents. Last Brooks had heard, he now lived with a tall, well-endowed former showgirl who was head over heels for him.

Eamon’s eyes lit up. “I got it.”

Excited, Brooks watched his friend set a box down on the counter. Brooks flipped it open and saw the part he’d been waiting for. Rare and expensive as hell, it was just what he wanted.

“It took a lot to find it,” Eamon said.

“Great work, buddy.”

“What are you planning to do with it?”

Brooks winked. “Top-secret.”

“Well, enjoy.”

“I’ll transfer payment today.” Brooks picked up the box.

“I know you’re good for it. Tell me how it works out.”

Brooks exited the store. He was late to meet the team at Griffin’s. Everyone wanted to celebrate a job well done and officially welcome River to the team.

Hell, Ty—of all people—had fallen in love. Brooks shook his head. The love bug was definitely going around.

Setting off down the sidewalk, Brooks shifted his shoulders. He wanted to meet someone too. In fact, he wanted the whole package when it came to a woman—sexy, smart, caring. He sighed. Unfortunately, he always seemed to attract the wrong types. It didn’t help that he worked with some of the best women out there—smart, brave, gorgeous.

And way out of his league.

He saw two big guys approaching ahead on the sidewalk and moved to the side to let them pass. He was contemplating how much money he’d lose to Blair at the pool table, when the back of his neck prickled.

The two burly, neckless guys were watching him.

The muscles along Brooks’ shoulders tensed.

Something made him glance back over his shoulder. Two more men were moving in behind him.


He quickly darted left, crossing the street.

The four men broke into a jog, coming after him.

Brooks hustled and launched into a sprint. He’d barely reached the other curb when gunfire broke out behind him.

Shit. He hit the ground, the box with his new part crushed beneath him. He leaped up and ran, dodging between two parked cars.

He kept running, and heard footsteps coming in fast behind him. Ahead, he spotted a small park, just starting to turn green again after the winter. He swiveled, running into it. As he pounded down the path, he dodged some teenagers on skateboards. He reached into his pocket, found his electronic fob, and pressed down on the alert button.

Circling some trees, he leaped over a park bench, and came back out on another street. If he could just get to where he’d parked his truck, he’d be home free.

A heavy force slammed into his legs, tackling him from behind. His box flew out of his hand.

Hitting the ground with a grunt, Brooks rolled, already pulling his fist back. He landed a hard punch to his attacker’s face.

“Fuck!” the man exploded.

Brooks didn’t spend all of his time in his computer room. He worked out daily, and trained with Team 52. He wasn’t afraid of a fight.

He slammed the guy in the head again, kicking his legs. Another punch, and the guy’s eyes rolled back in his head.

Yeah, he’d been expecting a tech geek.

Brooks shoved the guy off him, and leaped to his feet.

Two more men rushed at him. As one swung out an arm, Brooks landed a hard front kick into the man’s gut. He flew backward.

You picked the wrong guy to tangle with, assholes. As the second man moved, Brooks launched into a roundhouse kick. The guy fell like he’d hit a wall.

Another guy stepped back, looking wary.

Suddenly, something pinched Brooks’ chest. An electric shock ran over him, and his teeth clashed together. The pain was agonizing. Fuck.

He looked down to see the prongs of a Taser attached to the front of his shirt.

Fuck. Fuck.

Then his legs gave out and he dropped to the concrete, his body twitching.

Darkness swallowed him whole.

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Team 52 Audiobooks

The amazing Stella Bloom is the narrator for the Team 52 series and she’s done a brilliant job bringing the team and their adventures to life.



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