Cover Reveal: Kiss of Eon

The fierce warriors of the Eon Empire want nothing to do with Earth…but when ravenous insectoid aliens threaten to invade, the humans of Earth need to get the Eon warriors’ attention.

We are finally back with the Eon Warriors and the Earth women who are busy bringing them to their knees!

It all started with one kickass woman abducting a fierce Eon war commander. Now, the Eon Empire and Earth have a tenuous and budding alliance, and strengthening it depends on Second Commander Brack Thann-Felis of the warship, the Desteron playing war games with feisty Captain Allie Borden of the Terran starship, the Divergent.

Let the games begin!

Today, I’m showing off the cover for the next Eon Warriors book, Kiss of Eon and I have a giveaway to celebrate.

Kiss of Eon
Eon Warriors #4
Release Date: Tuesday September 24th

Cover art by Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Heart of Eon featuring Brack and Allie

“Take out that last Kantos ship,” Captain Allie Borden ordered.

Her crew responded immediately, like the well-trained team they were. She felt the ship’s engines vibrate under her feet as it shifted and took aim. It shuddered as their laser array fired.

She smiled. They were the best crew she’d worked with in her entire career, and the Divergent was the best ship she’d ever commanded.

Allie looked at the viewscreen, watching the scattering Kantos. Run, you cowardly bugs. Then her gaze fell on the Desteron.

While the Divergent was the best ship she’d captained, she still had to admit that it was no Eon warship. God, that sleek, dark ship was pretty. Deadly and packed to the gills with high-tech weapons. Mmm.

Down, girl.

A laser blast hit the Divergent’s shields, almost knocking her off her feet.

She spread her feet. “Li?”

“Shields holding, Captain.”

A blast from the Desteron lit up the space in front of them. The intense ray of laser hit the Kantos ship, and a second later, the spacecraft exploded in a fiery ball.

She frowned and touched her earpiece. “Hey, Second Commander, you stole our kill.”

“This is not a game, Captain.” The deep rumble sounded a little pissed off.

Allie felt a spurt of satisfaction. Who knew that needling Eon warriors could be so much fun? She smiled again. When you spent most of your time in space, you had to find your fun wherever you could. Then her smile faded. Life was short, and you never knew how much time you had. It paid to enjoy it as much as you could.

“The Kantos warships are retreating, Captain,” her comms officer called out.

“Let our fighters have them,” Allie said. “Launch the squadron.”

Her second-in-command, Sub-Captain Donovan Lennox nodded, folding his muscled arms over his chest. A second later, their fighters launched from the Divergent.

“We have a fire on Deck Seven,” Donovan said.

Allie nodded. “Send the fire crew.”

“Already inbound.”

Ahead, she saw sexy, little Eon fighters slice through the darkness—the ships were sleek, with blue lights running up the sides of their streamlined forms.

“Captain, your fighters are welcome to join ours.” Second Commander Thann-Felis’ deep voice rumbled in her ear.

She rolled her eyes. “Your fighters are welcome to join ours. You were late to this fight, so you don’t get to take over.”

She heard snickers on her bridge and, with a frown, she shot a hard look around. The snickers died. She might enjoy needling the warrior and teaching him a little lesson in diplomacy, but she wouldn’t allow insubordination on her bridge.

A second later, she wasn’t surprised when the second commander drawled in her ear once more.

“Are you always this difficult, Captain?”

“No. Only when big, alien warriors try to boss me around.”

“We’re trying to help.” He sounded like he was talking through gritted teeth.

“So, help, but don’t try and take over.”

Now Allie was pretty sure she could hear him grinding his teeth together. She glanced at Donovan, and the man was smiling, his teeth white against his dark skin.

She dropped into her captain’s chair, swinging her personal comp screen up from the armrest. She swiped it and the image to go with the comm call appeared.

Her gut clenched. Oh, hell.

Of course, he had to be male perfection—a tough, rugged face, with a sharp nose and strong jaw. Thick, brown hair brushed his jawline. She couldn’t see all of his body, but she’d bet it matched the massive shoulders.

Down, girl.

“We have an alliance, Captain,” he said. “I am not your enemy.”

“Trust is earned, Second Commander.”

“My name is Brack.”

Brack. It suited him. Strong, a little gruff. “Look, Brack, you stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours.”

The warrior smiled, and the air in Allie’s chest tried to choke her. The smile turned him from rugged to handsome. She felt a flare of annoyance at the irritating attraction.

“I doubt we’ll see very much of each other, Allie.”

“That’s Captain Borden, to you. And what, you think our inferior Terran ships won’t keep up with yours?”

That smile widened. “You said it, not me…Captain.”

The line closed, the screen turning black.

Ugh, men. Whatever the species, they all had the gene to drive a woman crazy.

Allie raised her voice. “Set a course back toward the Rengard. We’ll dock with them on their starboard side.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Smoothly, the Divergent moved, reminding Allie why she loved being a starship captain. All that strength, power, and ability at her command. A team she trusted at her back.

A muted alarm started pinging.


She glanced at her navigation officer. “Yes?”

“The Desteron is moving into that docking position.”

Allie narrowed her eyes. Asshole. She knew he’d done that on purpose. “Adjust course.”

Alliance or not, the second commander was proving to be extremely aggravating.

As the Rengard grew larger on the viewscreen, she settled back in her chair. Luckily, Brack Thann-Felis was the least of her problems and he was correct. She probably wouldn’t ever see him again.

“Bring us in to dock, Lieutenant Harris.” Right now, Allie was going to focus on her first chance to get aboard an Eon warship. Ships held much more interest to her than men.

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Eon Warriors Audiobooks

The first three Eon Warriors books are all available in audiobook! The amazing Vivienne Leheny is the narrator and she is absolutely brilliant at infusing emotion, humor, and character into the audio versions of these stories.

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